Risk Management.
TT Club Correspondents.

From the start Panamericano Venezolana has specialized in international placements of major risks winning important accounts in marine, port and multimodal sectors as well as construction, property, aviation and agriculture. We combine the company's expertise in marine insurance with over three decades of working with the Through Transport Club (TTC), the recognized world leader for port related cover and service.

Over the years Panamericano has achieved a close relationship with national and international markets maximizing our  ability to arrange placements, covers and protections tailored to the diverse needs of our clients. We place our marine business either directly in London with P&I clubs with whom we have had over 30 years working or through London brokers. When quoting a risk we also use independent specialist brokers in some cases or go directly to the underwriters. This personalized contact gives us the ability to collect claims rapidly for our clients.

As a unique additional service, Panamericano regularly gives risk management seminars on various topics and has published articles enhancing client's understanding of their risks. From the onset of decentralization we have held a predominant position in the 
ports and have been contracted by various groups to give seminars on insurance and risk management, especially in the marine area.

For inquiries or assistance please contact 
Xavier Garriga (xgarriga@mac.com) 
Eric Machum (ermachum@mac.com)