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Eric Machum - General Manager
Eric Machum was born in Toronto, Canada. He obtained a B.A. from the University of the Americas in Mexico City, Mexico. From 1971 to 1974 he was with Hogg Robinson, a leading London insurance broker and worked in London, Peru and Ecuador  on single risks facultative business, primarily on marine, aviation and construction. He was transferred to Venezuela in 1974 to set-up Panamericano Venezolana and has lived there ever since. 

Eric is a founding member and past president of the Canadian-Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce,  a member of the board of the British-Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce, a member and former president of Cavencor (Reinsurance Brokers Chamber) and a member of the National Insurance Board. He has spoken at numerous marine,insurance and ports seminars and conferences. In 1997 Eric co-authored "The Petroleum Opening Investment Opportunities in Venezuela" with the British Chamber of Commerce. 

He is also an actively and successfully involved in scuba diving as a Staff Instructor for PADI and and regional representative and Instructor Trainer for DAN / Dan World. Further information on Eric's scuba diving can be found through DAN World at www.danworld.ky

Xavier Garriga - Commercial Manager, Shipbroker.
Xavier joined Panamericano Venezolana in 1998 developing the tankers and dry cargo chartering business. He has a degree in International Trade from the Instituto Universitario Nuevas Profesiones and a Certificate in Tanker Chartering from the Cambridge Academy of Transport (England). Xavier began his marine carrier as Import Manager with Lincoln Electric Company in Caracas and shortly thereafter was employed as Tanker Broker with Sonar Charters Shipbrokers. 

Since joining Panamericano Venezolana Xavier has attended numerous TT Club and ITIC seminars  and is currently handling underwriting, claims and appointment of surveyors. 

Xavier is also an expert rock climber and mountaineer having climbed the Angel Falls and many of the highest peaks in South America.
Eric Machum

Xavier Garriga